The Royal Museum of Fine Arts, the Photo Museum and the Museum for Modern Art, you’ll find them all in the southern part of town.

But there is more to discover: there are countless trendy shops, galleries and restaurants in ‘t Zuid. Descend from the center of Antwerp and discover ‘little Paris’ with a sleek street plan. This neighborhood and its majestic houses were built at the end of the 19th century.

The spacious and elegant residential area with its neostyle mansions was created after the demolition of Alva’s Spanish Fortress. A wasteland was turned into a new residential area, a new playground for city architects.

In the past there was a lot of maritime activity in the Zuiderdokken. Warehouses where transformed for other uses. For example, warehouse Flanders (on the Walloon quay) became the Photo Museum. The Zuiderpershuis, which supplied the port with hydraulic power, became a cultural center. A grain silo in the Leuvensestraat became a Museum for Contemporary Art.

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