This walk, in the eastern outskirts of Antwerp, is a completely different experience. Zurenborg is an incomparable district full of stately and lavishly decorated Art Nouveau homes.

In the streets of Zurenborg you’ll find exceptional architectural details on a facade-by-facade basis. One thing is clear: in this neighborhood you prefer to look up as much as possible!

The best known street in Zurenborg is the Cogels-Osylei, with some Art Nouveau buildings. The neighborhood is the proof of the prosperity in Antwerp during the end of the 19th century. Here they show off eclectic grandeur.

On the other side of the railroad there is a young neighborhood in expansion. The Dageraadplaats (obviously in the east) shines under the starry sky in the beating heart of this entertainment district.

During or after your tour of Zurenborg you can go to different establishments for lunch, drinks or dinner.

Start and end point: Burgemeester Ryckaertplein (at the Panos in Berchem station)

In brief:

  • A good overview of a neighborhood outside the historic center
  • A 2 hour walk
  • Choose your departure time
  • Also for small groups
  • Guided by an enthusiastic local
  • Highlights: Cogels-Osylei, Dragon Location, Dawn Location, etc.